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Hi all,

I apologise in advance if I have picked the wrong forum for this topic. Anyway my brother asked me that he wants to buy the Bluetooth Beats by DR Dre headphones so he can connect to his tv using a USB Bluetooth dongle. Question is can you use any Bluetooth dongle or do you have to use an audio Bluetooth usb version for doing this? He has asked a couple of people in shops and he has had different answers and does not want to buy it until he knows for sure.



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RE: Bluetooth

ok thats good to know, no one knows!   :cheers:

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RE: Bluetooth

First you'll need to check whether the TV can transmit audio via Bluetooth, just receive it, or neither of the above...

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RE: Bluetooth

Thanks for your reply Andrew, that should give him a start.  :grin:
Think he may be back asking more questions though....... Blum 3

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