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advice tv/dvd please

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Im on the brink of getting a new tv and have been researching for some time, my main use will be dvd and soon upgrading to sky hd, later a ps3 but this is not a priority connection.

I think i am 90% sure on the sony 40" w series as alot of people seem to be!? , although i am just a bit  doubtful on size as my viewing distance will be 2.5 metres will i be ok with this or will it be a problem?? or i have considered a 37" philips or samsung, but i do want a 1080 panel. lastly i already have a pioneer theatre system which has done me proud over past 5 yrs, but i would want 1080 upscaling so im looking at the new dcs 363 but have not heard any reviews on it yet has anyone on here heard it or own it.... any advice on this would be much appreciated thanks.