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50" TV (or thereabouts) but MUST have matte screen!

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Anyone know of any still being sold in the UK? It's for my mum and dad. Budget is upto around £600,but less would be good. Previously he's been a fan of Samsung and Panasonic LEDs and LCDs, but the only ones I've seen for sale in this size have reflective screens, which is utterly hopeless. It's impossible to rearrange their room in such a way that there's no reflections, which must be the same for many people. What on earth are the manufacturers thinking.



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RE: 50" TV (or thereabouts) but MUST have matte screen!

Don't be too hasty in dismissing those reflective screens - they don't work in the way you'd expect.

My Sony W4000 has a nicely matte screen when switched off, but still shows reflections from facing windows .

My Sony HX923 has an ultra shiny gloss black screen that could double nicely as a mirror, but when switched on

rejects all reflections. Defies logic, I know , but there it is. 

So I would check out the current crop of models in both on/off states.

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RE: 50" TV (or thereabouts) but MUST have matte screen!

The reason manufacturers opt for glossy screens, is for colours to pop out, making it more likely to be sold on the shops. Matte screens tend to absorb some brightness & colour.


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