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1080i flicking problem

I have a Samsung LE37M8 HD LCD TV and a Denon 1920 DVD player connect via a QED Qunex HDMI-P cable. When I set the HDMI Output mode to 1080i on the Denon the screen image has a slight flicker. When the output mode is changed to 480/576p or 720p the picture is stable. I have read through both sets of user manuals and I have tried changing some of the settings in the DVD setup menu but to no avail.

Both units are still covered by warranty so I would appreciate any advice anybody has on how to get a stable 1080i picture.  

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Re: 1080i flicking problem

.....I've just bought a Denon1940 DVD player at Richer Sounds to go with my Pioneer Plasma (507 XD) and was informed by an assistant that the player may well flicker when viewing at HDMI 1080i ....I was advised to use 480/576 or 720 .....I haven't noted the problem occuring as yet but it does seem as if there are issues with some Denon  players when choosing 1080 on the tv!

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Re: 1080i flicking problem

Hi, I wondered if you got this problem resolved? I've got a similar setup, but with a Denon 1940 player. Fantastic quality on all modes except 1080i or p, when the contast drops and pic judders.

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Re: 1080i flicking problem

Hi, I'm another one with a flicking problem! Got a Samsung LE40M87 hooked up to a Denon DVD 1920 and it doesn't want to play ball at all through HDMI not even with the DVD set at 720 - I have to watch DVD through Scart only. I've been reading loads of reviews and I think Samsung and Denon simply don't see eye to eye! Only suggestion I've seen which I'm going to try is to make sure that frequency settings are mutually set at 50/60Hz. In the meanwhile any ideas/solutions would be gratefully received before I decide to throw the Denon out the window - I love the TV too much!

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