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1 Aerial but 6 TV's, HELP!!!!!!!!!

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I have a dilema where I have a single aerial in My house but need to distrubte the signal to 6 rooms.

I have looked at signal boosters that You instal in the loft but all require a mains supply to be present which I do not have access to.

Any ideas???Hmm


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Re: 1 Aerial but 6 TV's, HELP!!!!!!!!!

Well, you could use something like this, which is powered via one of the output lines using a power supply like this which you have next to one of your TVs.



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Re: 1 Aerial but 6 TV's, HELP!!!!!!!!!

I use the signal booster at the point where the aerial comes into the house and from there use a splitter, no need to use more boosters. I have 4 tv's connected, so i have a 1 in 4 out splitter. One tv is 25 meters from booster and it works fine. Place the splitter in the roof space and run wires from there to the other rooms.

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Re: 1 Aerial but 6 TV's, HELP!!!!!!!!!

You can use a mast head amplifier/splitter which is sited as close to your aerial as you can get it. They can be powered by another box which sits anywhere else (where you have a power supply) which fires the power back up the aerial lead.