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What a difference that has made [ Rega 3 motor ]

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Just got my deck back [ ancient Rega 3 with the bendy arm Cool    ] from Audio T  in Worcester [ thanks guys ]  where it has had an upgrade motor fitted ,, and it sounds bloody great Laughing  ,  admittedly the old thing was running slow before anyway, but the sound is much more together now, the faint hum has gone, and I am sure the old one was a bit unsteady leading to distortion.

Well worth the money in my humble opinion...

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RE: Turntables and LPs

Great to hear your Planar 3 is back on song - did the same thing to mine a year or so ago after the rubber band perished and the motor literaly dropped out! The new one and new drive belt made a very noticeable difference.

PS:- I hope your arm isn't too bendy!!! 'S-shaped' shuurrrllly?


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RE: Turntables and LPs

The arm is a meandering wiggle more than S shaped I think, thank you for your concern Smile