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thinking of trying vinyl

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Just built a second system in the spare room where the PC is, I have a yamaha AS500 which i recently bought for new for £200 and some 10 year old AE109 floorstanders,  This is used with a dacmagic and streams spotify through the pc, but it sounds passable and thats about it. I just want to try vinly again for fun but dont want to take it too seriously hence a second hand or budjet new deck will suffice  I only have a handful of records now as i got rid of most when CD and digital was promosed to be the perfect audio, A sin I know. but I just find it fun looking in charity shops at vinyl LPs , there is actually some good music available for about 99p  Tongue and there are a few vinyl shops in nearby  Manchester .    I do like the looks of the Audio Technica LP120 which looks like it would match the yamaha amp, well at least visualy if not sonically keeping that 80's japanese vintage look. But I believe the perfomance could be bettered by the budjet base model from the project range, Has anybody had experiece with the AT deck, i would not need the USB facility, And whats people experience of buying second hand LPs from charity shops

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RE: thinking of trying vinyl

Dont bother with the AT its pants !!. Basically its a bad attempt (although i'm sure AT will deny this) at hitting the market alongside the now defunct Technics SL1200/1210. I've heard on the grapevine that AT are bringing out another deck ,or maybe they already have, thats supposed to be a lot better.

However if was thee I would have a trawl on ebay for a Techy. You can get silver or black. Pretty much a bomb proof deck but to cover your backside try to find out if it has been used for home use and not as a DJs beer mat.

Or take a look at Regas entry level decks, cheap as chips new and quite common on the bay. Simple decks with not a lot that can go wrong with em. 

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RE: thinking of trying vinyl

I was in the same boat. Similarly priced system I got for my student flat.

I didnt know id I would like vinyl so got some £1.50 LPs from the bloke in the market and one of those iOn QuickPlay LPs [29.99 in maplin]. (if you want it, pickup from camkbridge? Tongue) which didnt sound TOO bad but was super flimsy. However, it was enough for me to decide that i liked Vinyl and wanted to take the plunge.Now I have a Rega Planar 2 which is wonderful.

Second hand LPs are a mixed bag. Sometimes great, but sometimes terrible. Take a tener on a saturday and buy four albums and 2 or 3 will be great. Just keep an eye out for warped ones.