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The big test . . .

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I have spent? . . . sorry, we have spent all night, from 8pm listening to the 'Croft Micro 25 Pre amp/ Series 7 power amp' combination, just swaped back, 1am, to the 'Basic Micro 25 Hybrid Intigrated'.

Spending most of tomorrow with the Croft Micro 25'R' pre amp/ Series 7 power amp. . . . ?

Then Thursday, swaping between the combination . . . if required? . . . Cool

In the TT section cos we only listened to vinyl tonight, probably try a bit of digital tomorow with the 'R' preamp?


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RE: The big test . . .

Accompanied by a nice glass of Croft Original? .......... or cocoa?

Happy listening. Smile


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