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Preamp for Turntable needed

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Hello, I have just got my hands on a Rega turntable (I think it is a Planar 2?). This turntable is an upgrade from one of those USB ones (seems a million times sturdier!)

Howeverm my Amp (Cambridge audio Topaz AM5) does not have a phone preamp. Therefore, In am looking to buy one

Is the Cambridge Audio Azur 551p any good?

Also, do I have the MM type catridge or the MC type? - Its an Ortofon 510 MK2.




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RE: Preamp for Turntable needed

The 551p should compliment the Topaz just fine.

The 510 Mk2 is a moving magnet cartridge (the replaceable stylus sort of gives it away!)


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RE: Preamp for Turntable needed

I have the 551p and it's a surprisingly good little pre-amp so buy with confidence Smile


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RE: Preamp for Turntable needed

Why not buy the Fono MM from Rega?


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