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RE: How about a Technics SL1200 or SL1210 review?

nopiano wrote:

Welcome HV, and these machines still have many fans. I see the eBay prices here are about one third higher than a couple of years ago when I last looked in detail. 

I appreciate the welcoming.

Very interesting information!

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RE: How about a Technics SL1200 or SL1210 review?

Yes, some people ask 600euro and if you ask if you make take a look inside when you wanna buy it , they say: offcourse, i'd like to see what it looks like)....   Not one you must buy, buy a week ago i bought another 1210mk2 revised and coated with the text nice ingraved for 600 euro and has new rca cables, only no new tonearmcables, but that easy replaced. Only i have to laugh about originlive with their way to expensive external powersupply, which reduces to rumble from the standard psu and degrees emi etc.  You can achieve that by replacing the stand psu externals in an alu case and part 3 was the problem with the powersurges... just build one yourself with a decent torioid and a nice schematic, which ain't no problem.  And i thought that somebody from this forum was the dj-guy and new ten imporant dj, used their gear. Real handy an external psu. And the the townarm 500 euro and thick plattermat.... while it's often used by scratchers , since the house seen uses the cdj's mostly. And als the oyaide metal platter.   That's no 1210mk2 any more and the most less quality part, the rotor shaft they leave standard. But how bad are the engineers, that they need 500 dollar for a psu. Nobody talks about vestax btw... strange Well made, only the straight arm is heavy, but you also have the s-arm shaped one, which is a quality arm and nice capacitors, no chinese stuff.

gr richard

Don't watch the pricetag first, but first compare with knowing which source it is.....


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