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RE: Good Morning Judge.

I've lost count of the times I've seen Tull.  We saw IA on the TAAB2 tour in Southampton and have tickets for the next tour; Oxford 4th May 2014.  It's such a shame his voice has gone.  It's not been up to it the last four times we've seen him perform.

I saw Martin Barre in Bristol recently, playing mostly Tull stuff; very good.

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RE: Good Morning Judge.

It's a shame so many people see 10CC as a 'one-hit-wonder' band because of I'm Not In Love.  Actually taken in context, although I don't consider it one of their best, it's a brilliant piece of writing and performing. I've only seen the band once, in their heyday, when believe it or not Chas & Dave were the support (ahem).

My favourite track is probably Old Wild Men but there's easily another 20 I could choose. The fake bad edit in G&C's Wedding Bells also always makes me smile.

Favourite album is definitely Sheet Music followed by The Original Soundtrack. 

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RE: Good Morning Judge.

Petherick wrote:
The fake bad edit in G&C's Wedding Bells also always makes me smile.

Ah..the bit where it drops back down in key.  Smile

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RE: Good Morning Judge. RE: Good Morning Judge.

plastic penguin wrote:

chrisr1718 wrote:

MajorFubar wrote:

It also misses what I think are a few essential tracks like 'Neanderthal Man' ...

Neanderthal Man was by Hotlegs, yes I know it was essentially the same members, minus Graham Gouldman. It was them messing around in the studio they'd just set up. The name, Hotlegs, refers to a girl at the studio who always wore hotpants (remember them?). I always like the B side as well, You Didn't Like It Because You Didn't Think Of It.

My favourite 10cc albums are the earlier ones, Sheet Music & Original Soundtrack.

Must get them back on the turntable!Smile

Seem to remember a friend having the single of Neanderthal Man. Didn't it have a "Give Peace A Chance" beat to it?

     Still have both on 7'' singles...:)
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RE: Good Morning Judge.

I rather liked the singles, but on the back of them bought a couple of LPs back in the 70s (The Original Soundtrack & How Dare You) which I found pretty hard going - dare I say art for arts sake?  I must re-visit them again to see if my opinion has changed.




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