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Early 70's albums - vinyl or cd ?

I have a slight dilemma - with my new found interest in vinyl i am not quite sure whether to buy early 70's albums on vinyl or cd. The price is in fact similar to be honest for either copy.

This isnt means as debate sparking on the merits of the format but if anyone has compared either of these on original vinyl v latest cd edition i would like to hear an opinion.

Its a long shot but ...

Pink Floyd - Meddle
Rod Stewart - Every Picture Tells A Story

Somehow seems right to buy these on vinyl to me just due to their age.

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Re: Early 70's albums - vinyl or cd ?

Vinyl for me, on that one.

A decent condition original vinyl from the 60's through to the 80's seems to beat the equivalent CD, in my experience at least.

The exceptions that spring to mind are the Steely Dan remasters on CD from 2000/01(?). They do trump my vinyl copies.

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Re: Early 70's albums - vinyl or cd ?

I don't have either album on vinyl so I can't comment on either of the two albums you mention but I've bought about a dozen 70s albums recently some new and some second hand and except for two cheap second hand copies which are a bit crackley even after cleaning I've been delighted and intend to buy a lot more.
So my heart says buy vinyl.

I'm not a big Rod Stewart fan but I love the tracks Mandolin Wind and Every Picture Tells A Story.


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Re: Early 70's albums - vinyl or cd ?

For me vinyl has the edge and Pink Floyd does sound good on vinyl as does Rod Stewart, this is not i hope a debete on CD vs Vinyl but cd does have it's merits although at a price maybe 4 times as much again for a comparable TT, so a good TT at about £250.00 imo would beat a good cd player at about £800.00 of course others will disagree and there are some good CDP's out there but i had a little experiment yesterday, Meddle lp vs cd lp won, 10 cc Donna lp again vs cd lp won, Maggie may lp won the list goes on, to be honest i cant think of any cd i own that sounds as good as the vinyl version so if you like vinyl go with it but only your ears can decide.

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