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Danny Baker´s Great Album Showndown. BBC4

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RE: Danny Baker´s Great Album Showndown. BBC4

shropshire lad wrote:

chebby wrote:

MajorFubar wrote:
Funny Autobahn should be mentioned, a few years ago I bagged a copy on blue vinyl from a local record fair and it's virtually unlistenable because the cut is so quiet.

That's what I had playing here for the photo of my old Rega P2 and Ortofon 2M 'Purple'. *

I recall it was unplayable on one side because of a patch of 'fur' or fibrous stuff that was embedded into the blue vinyl when pressed. (I binned it.)

The CD I have is perfectly playable but it's only about 3 years old. (Bought after binning furry blue LP version.)

* 2M Red body/2M Blue stylus.

  Autobahn on blue vinyl now worth £500.00 .

Not with a large blue furry patch.

Besides, they don't have to cost that much.


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