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Cartridge for Technics 1210 Mk5

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I have a pair of 1210's that I used to DJ with a few years ago.  They currently have Ortofon DJ cartridges in.  I have one of them connected to a Rotel RC-1070 pre amp which in turn is connected to a Rotel RB-1070 amp with Merlin interconnects.  I have QED silver 25th anniversary speaker cable leading to a pair of monitor audio BR5's.  Having recently purchased Foo Fighters Wasting Light on 180g vinyl I have been reminded just how good it sounds.  Now the question is as the Ortofon DJ's have seen some action what would be a good or better replacement.  Additionally would a phono pre stage improve the fidelity of  vinyl?



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RE: Cartridge for Technics 1210 Mk5

Denon DL 110 great cartridge, works with mm stage bit pricey nowadays though, Grado black was nice in my 1210 when i had one.