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Cartridge compatibility

My name is Graham Bell and am in the Philippines. When I look at other correspondence I feel very ignorant. My problem is I have an ancient excellent NVA amplifier and need to buy a cartridge for equally ancient AE turntable. Do not know if ceramic or magnetic is compatible. No manual, long lost. No model number or any markings outside or in. Description, bought circa 1982. Black. Dimensions 40cm wide, 7.5 cm high, 21 cm deep. On/off toggle switch at back left upper corner. Volume control on front 17 cm from right. Aux/tape/tuner/disk next to it. Think it cost about £200. Very grateful for help. Am not able to buy new equipment.

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RE: Cartridge compatibility

Well new NVA amps come with line inputs only, so you either get an optional internal phono stage module fitted, or buy a seperate phone stage. I don't know what your 30 year old amp would have come with, or if it was moddified along the way, but you could contact the company directly - the founder/owner has a shop on ebay and there is a NVA website.

If in doubt, and if money is tight, then go for a MM cartridge (something like the AT95E is great value here, although I don't know prices in yours!), try it out and if you find there is no phono stage fitted on your NVA then you would need to get a seperate phono stage at that point (around £50 upwards)

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RE: Cartridge compatibility

An amplifier new in 1982 will almost certainly have sockets for a MM cartridge, not ceramic.

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RE: Cartridge compatibility

Many thanks for very helpful and explicit comments concerning my cartridge compatibility. Graham Bell

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