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cambridge audion azur 640p


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RE: cambridge audion azur 640p

Any idea where I can buy the cambridge audio azur 640p phono amp nowadays? I checked ebay and they only had used, asking $189. The new price back then was gbp 60, according to the old WHF I am reading (2006).


Failing to get this, I am wondering if there is a Rega fono mini which works with moving coil cartridges?






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RE: cambridge audion azur 640p

I am using an AT31e MC cartridge on an old Thorens TD124!

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RE: cambridge audion azur 640p

Not tempted by the 651p?


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RE: cambridge audio azur 640p

In the UK, Richer Sounds was the only retailer.  It was long shown below retail price in the mag, even after it had increased to £99.

For under a hundred pounds, also consider the Rega 


I haven't used this latest version, but am very pleased with its predecessor.


PS.  Apologies, just read you are using a Moving Coil.  So the CA is suitable and the Rega isn't

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RE: cambridge audio azur 640p

Doesn't Rega have a small affordable phono stage (like the fono mini) for moving coils? seems surprising

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RE: cambridge audio azur 640p

I've been looking at an Azur 640P on e-bay a couple of hours ago, and I believe there's another at BIN price of £90.

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