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Best interconnects for vinyl

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I've just invested in a pro-ject xperience/goldring 1012GX cart but I suspect the old cambridge audio pacific cables are bringing in some harshness to the sound. I'm using a cambridge audio phono stage so I'm looking to get two sets of cables that will emphasize the analogue nature of the sound, basically something that sounds rich and smooth rather than cold and neutral. Can anybody recommend such a a cable?

Thanks alot.


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Re: Best interconnects for vinyl

Jacob - I really like Chord cables - even their budget end ones Crimson/Chrysalis sounded pretty good to me, detailed without being harsh - although I've mainly got Chameleons in my system now. In almost all cases I picked them up second hand on ebay, much cheaper than normal retail price.

I must admit I was pretty sceptical about cables until I tried out their Chrysalis cable - which was about £30 at the time - think it was the predecessor to the Crimson. Not sure how much you want to spend but if you wanted to start cheap suspect you could pick up a pair of Chord Chrysalis cables for around £20 on Ebay. (NB I use mine on an xperience)

Hope that helps a little