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Future Shop.co.uk - Excellent service

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 I've used Future Shop on several occasions for cabling and i've always found there service excellent.

 Now i can vouch for there returns as well - i had a HDMI cable which developed an intermittent faulty several months after purchase. I emailed there service desk, got a returns number and hey presto a new one arrived a few days later.

 Excellent service [:D]



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RE: Future Shop.co.uk - Excellent service

I have only once tried to buy from futureshop. After going through the entire ordering process successfuly, i got an email from them saying that they could not continue with my order stating 2 reasons; my card had been flagged up on their system and secondly, the order was smaller than the delivery costs (I paid for FedEx delivery). Meanwhile my account had been debited the full amount. I was angry because these 2 problems should have been identified from the very beginning and I could have been saved the stress of trying to get my money back.


I later got similar cables from HDCentral through Amazon at a fraction of the cost and they even arrived much earlier than expected.


Futureshop only works well if you live in the UK. Now that the world is growing into a small Village, they are falling behind

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RE: Future Shop.co.uk - Excellent service

You've just created an account on this forum so you could post that?


I've bought from Futureshop about 10 times in the last 5 years and never had an issue. The last step is to fill out the creditcard info, so you can't blame them for something that's wrong with your card, can you?

Shipping rates are very low and they are great people to deal with when you have questions or need to change an order.


And just to make it clear, I don't live in the UK either.

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RE: Future Shop.co.uk - Excellent service

Just dealt with them again. Bought some chord cadenza,s. Most of my dealings were with adam. Fantastic service, what a nice bloke. Never had any problems with future shop! Cant do enough for you.

Well done guys.