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I've already discussed this independent dealer in the Turntable section but it won't do any harm to mention it again in this section, particularly if you live in the North West area and wondering about where to go for advice.


I won't repeat myself but I took my old Systemdek turntable in to their shop for them to take a look, service it, and give me advice about how best to get the maximum out of the deck. I spent over an hour chatting to Andrew about all things turntable, and this gentlemans knowledge of the subject blew me away. He never once tried to hard sell me anything, just gave me loads of advice and left it to me to decide exactly how far I was prepared to go and pay to improve my set-up. Eventually I bought a new Michell technoweight, a Funk Achromat, and an Incognito rewire of my RB250 arm. That was Thursday morning, and by Friday lunchtime Andrew had rung me back to say that everything was done. Fully stripped down and serviced, cleaned up, upgrades fitted, motor checked out and lubricated etc. The works.


Picked it back today and I'm listening to and hearing the benefits now.


I cannot recommend this shop highly enough.




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