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A proper Dealer

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Hi all, This post is written in celebration and to express my grateful thanks to the team at Doug Brady HiFi in Warrington - particularly John for the brilliant advice and service offered. The value of a knowledgeable and passionate dealer has once again provided me with a system I am delightedly happy with! I have recently returned to HiFi after a hiatus and was struggling to achieve a balanced sound – it erred on the bright side of neutral. John and the team at Doug Brady listened to me and my concerns suggesting that some cables (interconnects and speaker) might offer answers. These were duly loaned (Chord Crimson Plus, Chameleon Plus Interconnects and Silver Speaker Cable) and they indeed had a (limited) positive effect upon my system - my Sony SCD-XE670, Cambridge Audio 640A and Tannoy 635's were sounding much better, although still not entirely to my liking. Deciding upon the Crimson – the Chameleon was a little too revealing in an already bright system – I contacted Doug Brady HiFi with a view to return the loaned cables, collect my newly terminated Speaker cable and of-course make payment. To my eternal gratitude, John suggested he would ‘drop-off’ the cables and ‘throw his ears on my system’! Having listened, John suggested what has turned out to be an inspirational change! Doug Brady HiFi had a pair of Raymond Lumley Model -75 Monoblock Valve Amplifier’s available and John suggested they would offer the ‘weight and authority’ I crave. They were loaned to me to try. Wow! He was right!!! They are incredible and have set my system alight!!! Andrew (the Engineer at Doug Brady HiFi) provided a Passive Pre-Amp for use (and a wonderfully informative lesson upon Valve operation). However, having tried it, I am using the Pre-Outs on the Cambridge Audio 640A – to my ears it offers a much more visceral and dynamic sound! In essence, the amps (and the advice and guidance offered by Doug Brady HiFi) have given me the sound I crave. Thus, their actions cannot be praised highly enough – they didn’t sell me anything; they offered a thoughtful, informed solution. That is priceless! If you haven’t…get yourself a good dealer guys!!!


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RE: A proper Dealer

This thread may be better in "There's this shop near me" section. 


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RE: A proper Dealer

Andrew is a top bloke, had a few dealings with him when I had a turntable and he sure does know his stuff. He fixed my Creek Evo 2 amp when that developed a fault too.


He used to contribute on these boards occaisonally but not sure he still does. He had a habit of resurrecting old threads with his input, and consequently getting a bit of stick for some reason. 




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