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Creative Audio and Roksan

The display has never been quite right on my K2 CD player and by the beginning of this year it was virtually un-readable in places.  Eventually I got round to contacting Creative Audio/Audio Express where it originally came from to arrange a repair under Roksan's 5 year warranty.

The repair was dealt with swiftly and efficiently by Creative and, in turn, by Roksan once Creative sent it to them.  The display is now bright and clear and a nicer colour to boot (blue whereas it used to be green).  Communication from Creative Audio was spot on throughout and they did everything they said they would, and when they said they would do it.

To me this is the true test of a dealer and manufacturer and so I'm very happy to recommend Creative Audio and Roksan as a result.

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RE: Creative Audio and Roksan

I've just had my first experience with Creative Audio - service and price both superb.

Nice to know they're just as helpful when things go wrong.

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