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Chester HiFi Show April 12 &13 2014

I assume people may be interested that there is a show in the North of England this year at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel in Chester over the weekend of April 12 &13.

Exhibitors include:









Chord Company




Music at the Bristol Show

Bristol Show System Matching?


i never made the bristol show this year. I am always interested the manufacturers system matching. Can anyone remember what manufacturers used what. Equipment please? 

i think I seen a picture of Q Accustic using Arcam etc...

Bristol show notes (and pics)

(Also posted on some other fora)

These are my quick impressions from some of the demos at today's Bristol show. I only saw about 3/4 of the rooms, skipping cables, valves, sound bars, bluetooth and turntables. Unfortunately did not have enough time and had to drop just one from the wanted list - the WHF 4k demo as had to catch a train back.

All notes are 100% my personal subjective opinion. Also – blunt scepticism alert!


Bristol show - my thoughts

The show was very good. Met Andy, Simon, Ketan & Jonathan at WHF stand. Joe was busy so couldn't talk to him. Couldn't find Clare. Oh yes, also saw Mr. AE with his missus on the 4th floor corridor! They were busy talking, so didn't disturb him.


Disappointed about TV manufacturers staying away. But the WHF demo made up for it, where they compared a 4K LCD with 1080p OLED. I was astounded at the brilliant scaling of DVD to 4K! Despite being LED lit LCD, it held on its own against OLED, including blacks. I've decided on 4K this year. 


Bristol Sound and Vision show 2014

So it's on 21st-23rd February this year. I will most likely be attending, to see the discounts on offer. Anyone else going?


Pioneer TVs will be at the show (although I'm not holding my breath on them)!).

Any shows in Scotland?

Are there any hifi shows in scotland? all of them seem to be in England


Is it cool?



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Belfast Show

This is at the Stormont Hotel on 7th and 8th September, and will have rooms featuring Naim, Focal, Rega and Chord Cables.

Further details here: http://www.lyrichifi.com/blog/read-blogs.html

National Audio Show 2013

Anyone going this year.