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New speakers and possible upgrades for my TAG McLaren system

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We have the following system

TAG DVD32R DVD Player, AV32R Processor and 100 x 5R Amplifier (all without upgrades) with TAG interconnects and B&W P4 floor standing speakers. We have the electronics on an Atacama rack and power it through Clear Audio Copperline cables.

We listen to more music these days than watch films. We are still happy with the sound but feel it is time to start thinking about replacing the old speakers for perhaps punchier bass and tighter treble. We are thinking about getting a pair of decent speakers to replace them but I need advice as to where to start. Have always loved the idea of the B&W 805Ss (with perhaps Subwoofer support) or say the Wilson Benesch Square 2s. Could you please point us in the right direction as the only way we can audition is with home trials as our fav hi-fi shop (the wonderful Audiofile in Cambridge - Hi Malcolm) obviously no longer carry TAG stuff. We listen to anything from Vaughan Williams to Metallica.   

IAG still upgrade; is it worth putting the 24/192 chip in the AV32R? Would the DAB upgrade still be worth it  

Thanks in advance