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Anyone visit the Smyth Research room?

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Did anyone try out the Realiser which emulates any measured speaker system through headphones? I have one myself and love it.

I was all set to fly over from Dublin on Saturday for the day but had to cancel at the last moment.  I was looking forward to my second visit to the show, and meeting the Smyth guys as they've been very helpful with any issues or queries I've had.  

Hopefully I can get to the Manchester show later in the year. Are the two shows comparable, is one better than the other, or have a different focus, say Home Theatre versus Hi-Fi?



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RE: Shows: Manchester 2010/Bristol 2011

Yes, I tried it out; incredibly the Realiser delivered laudably convincing surround sound through stereo headphones!!  I was completely sceptical until I gave it a listen. Smile




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