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PS3 error 80710092

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As there many people on here who have had PS3's die like we have, we decided to trade our fat 60gb unit for a new 320gb unit. The problem we now have is we get the above error message when we try to go on the PSN. We got on PSN when we set up the new PS3 for the first time with the new unit but not any more. Every time we try to log on we get the error message. Did a search last night for possible solutions and one was to disable the media server on the PS3. Did that but still had no joy.

Anyone any ideas, please.

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RE: PS3 error 80710092

First of all i'm sorry to hear of your problems with your PS3 but if you go to the playstation site there is a list of all the error codes and what they mean so here is the link for you:


From looking up your code it would seem that it may be your internet connection at fault, it does say that it could be down to PSN maintenence though but i can't say i have had any such issues with my PS3. If you still keep getting the error code then check your internet settings on the PS3 and make sure your connection is working correctly, if the issue persists then you will have to contact Sony Playstation customer services for support i'm afraid.

Sorry i couldn't be of more use but error codes can be caused by any number of issues.


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RE: PS3 error 80710092

Assuming you use a router, id go into the router settings and put the PS3 outside of the NAT (meaning its not firewalled from within the router)


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RE: PS3 error 80710092

I had similar. It was a problem refreshing the IP address. Do the connection set-up again and this should fix it.


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