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RE: Playstation 4 Owners Thread

professorhat wrote:

Maybe - it's one I'll wait for the review of first though as Angel Star Wars games are generally hit and miss in terms of quality and (b) it's being developed and published by the same people who made Battlefield 4 which is generally considered quite buggy and certainly had a lacking single player campaign mode (which is the main thing I buy games for, I'm not big on online multi-player).




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So, for those not watching

So, for those not watching Gamescom, Firmware Update 2.00 brings an exciting new feature called Share Play - it allows you to play a game with a friend online, even if they don't own the game themselves. The idea is, it's the same as your friend coming over to your place to play the game with you on your console, only here it's a "virtual couch". So saves them the bus / train fare, they can just play through streaming to their own PS4 instead. Very cool. Link to more detail here.

Tons of new games announced as well - exciting times Smile

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Think I read somewhere that

Think I read somewhere that the share play is only valid for 1 hour sessions. Just time enough to warm up!


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