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Possible Mac Mini/Apple TV/HTPC/streamer replacment for $179



Looks like a possible steal.  Ignore the fact it runs the chrome os, you can wipe that and install vortexbox/linux/windows.


However for 179 dollars you get a small *fanless* pc with external psu, usb 3, hmdi, display port, wireless/wired networking.  So connect it up to yer nas/dac with the playback software of your facy and bobs yer uncle Biggrin


Plus, spend a wee bit more and get the i3 version and you have a 4k capable box!


Seems like it would be almost rude not to.

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RE: Possible Mac Mini/Apple TV/HTPC/streamer replacment for $179

Looks interesting. I wonder how that $179 will translate into GBP. If we're lucky they'll just swap the currency sign, but with VAT and ROB tax* on top it's probably going to be heading towards £200.

*Rip-Off Britain tax

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