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advice on laptop spec

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Looking for advice to replace my daughters old laptop which now runs very slow. It is a advent with 1.6ghz dual core celeron processor, 160 hard drive 2 gig ram.

She uses it primarily for photoshop whilst running various social networking sites in the background.

We are looking for reliability, value and speed!

any recommendations would be appreciated preferably around the £500 mark


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RE: advice on laptop spec

Try and get the Intel Core i5 chip if you can. They start at around the £450 mark; the Sony is around £500. The bigger the memory the better, but 4gb should be enough. Hard drive, minimum 500gb. The more the merrier; but then it gets more expensive. If you are buying at PC World, open an account with Quidco to get 1.7% Cashback.

For the fastest speed you would need SSD and a dedicated graphics card, but that will blow your budget clean out of the water. At a risk of being boring, you get what you pay for.