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War Thunder

I've recently been trying out World of Warplanes and War Thunder.


So far I prefer War Thunder. Main reason is you get less ramming with War Thunder. It's easier to avoid rams in War Thunder because the planes seem more realistically scaled to the environment. In World of Warplanes the planes seem oversized. War Thunder seems to be less reliant on irritating hitpoints when you damage enemy aircraft. The graphics are nicer to look at in War Thunder too. But World of Warplanes is in closed Beta. It has already improved a lot since last summer when I first tried it and it may improve more before it goes to open Beta.

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RE: War Thunder

I've been meaning to take a look at War Thunder.

I got on to the WoP beta, but it was so flaky and frustrating that I haven't been back for ages.

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Played War Thunder some time

Played War Thunder some time ago - very good game. recommend it.

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RE: Played War Thunder some time

I have played war thunder but ive found it a bt samey. Im guessing if you spend a bit f cash and buy credits it would be more fun. Great graphics and worth a go


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War Thunder is one of the

War Thunder is one of the best online games in our days, recommend it. Nubmer #2 game for me is WorldofTanks.

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