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What was the first...

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... song, album or track you heard when...

Doesn't necessarily have to be the first memory, but could be the first song you heard after getting your first job, passing your driving test or when your first child (or 2nd or 3rd) was born. Anything that evokes happy or grumpy memories... add a little backstory behind this memory.

With the birth of Punk music, I hated watching (what I thought at the time) these morons in ripped T-shirts, chains and hidious spikey hair. However, the one record I heard would change all this: '2-4-6-8 Motorway' by Tom Robinson Band just blew me away. I started going to parties and this was constantly played, along with 'Geno' by Dexy's Midnight Runners.

The other memory was when my daughter was born. We got home from the hospital and switched the OH's midi on and she had a Elton John CD, and the first track was 'Your Song'. Happy daze.


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