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Talent cut short...

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I know I'm not a regular poster (just a regular lurker!), but I was listening to one of my favourite albums this evening - From Fresh Water by Stan Rogers - and it got me thinking which other singers or songwriters we would've liked to have heard head more from, but didn't, or couldn't, for whatever reason.

For me, Stan Rogers was a great singer songwriter with a fantastic voice whose life was tragically cut short in a plane fire in 1983, and I would urge anyone with spotify to listen to From Fresh Water - you're in for a treat.

But who else would we have liked to have heard more from but didn't, for whatever reason (nice cheery Christmas Day topic, I know - sorry)


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RE: Talent cut short...

The really obvious one is Buddy Holly. Also all the members of the infamous '27 club'.

I'm sure someone will suggest Lennon or Presley as well, but while they died comparatively young, it's difficult to argue that their most creative and successful period wasn't already behind them. Same goes for Freddie Mercury: his work has been virtually canonized since his death, but Queen's best years were already behind them before he died.


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RE: Talent cut short...


Eva Cassidy. 

+1 Buddy Holly




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RE: Talent cut short...

Didn't do at all badly in the 35 years he had, but imagine what he could've achieved given another 20 or 30...


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RE: Talent cut short...

 Jimmy Hendrix.rockin out  Steve Marriot rockin out . David Byron rockin out


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RE: Talent cut short...

Not neccesarily singers but these are the ones I would love to have heard more from

Randy Rhodes

Dimebag Darrell

John Bonham

Bon Scott


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RE: Talent cut short...

I'd imagine Buddy Holly and John Lennon.


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RE: Talent cut short...

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