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R.I.P Jon Lord.

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Sad news. Been a Deep Purple fan for over 20 years.

I'll have to crank 'Child In Time' in his memory.


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RE: R.I.P Jon Lord.

i didn't know he died....was playing 'child in time yesterday' still blows me away.


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RE: R.I.P Jon Lord.

A great keyboard player, and a sad loss to the world of music. 


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RE: R.I.P Jon Lord.

Along with the Groundhogs, Deep Purple were amongst my earliest "heroes" as an impressionable youth.


In Rock  will be getting a play tonight.




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RE: R.I.P Jon Lord.

Crying My first rock album was a taped copy (ahem) of Machine Head, a school friend gave me when I was 15. I was hooked on Deep Purple, rock and metal immediately. Mrs scene is also a rock ewe, and Whitesnake are her favourite, so she's a bit sad too.

Truly a legend of rock. RIP and rock on!


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RE: R.I.P Jon Lord.


Deep Purple is an all time classic.

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RE: R.I.P Jon Lord.

RIP indeed.  He came to be interviewd by Gramophone when I was still there and I had to scour the building to shake him by the hand.  Very nice to me he was, bearing in mind I acted like a gibbering little boy.


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