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National Express Booking advisory.

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I did think about putting this in Hot Deals but it's not hi-fi related so...

Just booked a coach ticket for the missus to come back from visiting her mum's, I usually use o2's priority nonsense to get a cheaper ticket out of National Express but it didn't recognise my password even AFTER I'd reset it, so I gave up on that, went to book the full journey (it's into London, change coaches, out of London) and it wanted £45.50 plus £1 booking fee, which seemed excessive. I then noticed the link for £7 fares, so I thought I'd try that instead. 

Entered the starting point at which point it would only let select London as the destination, so I went with it, same day, same time (so therefore, same coach). £6.50 plus £1 booking fee. Bargain, then I checked the second half of the journey, £10.50+£1!

So, a journey that they wanted over £46 for, I've just booked for £19! ON THE SAME COACHES!!!! 

That's insane, how is that even legal?

Only advice I'd give is check the SECOND part of the journey first, if that isn't available as a "Funfare" or is more expensive don't book the first half first as you can't get a refund on these fares.

Anyway, just thought I'd share, might save a couple of quid.

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RE: National Express Booking advisory.

Yes, only tickets to & from London qualify for fun fares, obviously as that's where the competition is, amongst trains & buses. Back in 2004-2005, I used to travel by National Express from Newcastle to London once a month or so. Terribly boring & tiring journey, but definitely worth £1 to £5 cost of funfare tickets.


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