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Her Madg-esty and The Heart of Saturday Night

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I heard Tom Waits' "The Heart of Saturday Night" on Dermot O'Leary's radio show today which prompted me to dig the CD out from my collection for a listen this evening. The title track is charming, atmospheric and really easy to listen to over and over again. The accent and timbre of Tom Waits' voice from this period (early 70's) reminds me of Bruce Springsteen.

Whilst listening to the CD I had a look at the inlay and noticed that the lady in the purple dress looks remarkably similar to how Madonna looked about 10 years ago. With the album being about 35 years old, it's clear that Madge couldn't have been the inspiration for the woman in the picture and it would be interesting to find out who the artist might have based the woman on. No luck with research on google so far......


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