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Fiddlesticks !

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I've had a CD by Ann Savoy and Linda Ronstadt for a few years called 'Adieu False Heart' which is more on the gentle side of Cajun music, but have now started listening to the more rowdy and grittier sides.  In recent weeks I've been listening to some Cajun music on YouTube.  There's a lot of yelling and pretty raw music but it kind of grows on you after a bit. 

One of the video clips show shows someone playing the fiddle whilst at the same time another person hits the strings with some sticks.  Fiddlesticks!  I've never given the term 'fiddlesticks' much thought before now, but watching them being used is quite interesting. Here's the clip :.


Wikipedia says straws, sticks or knitting needles can be used as fiddlesticks.  I'm not sure about the straws though, can't imagine they'd be heavy enough to create much of a sound unless you put something inside and sealed them.

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