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nas NEWBIE basic info Apple setup

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Hi all,


I am going down the NAS route with macbook pro laptop / ipad combo.


I currently have a pc, Bose soundlinks etc...


My mission is to basically have a laptop to do the odd bit of music editing / photo editing, itunes management for 2 users and maybe the odd bit of gaming.


Obviously the storeage on these are tiny.  The thought of having a external hard drive constanctly attached is rubbish, so was thinking about the NAS route.


As would be good to have all my xbox link into the AS for all music / photos/ ideas as well as my ipad/ and macbook have my entire photp/music library.


Question 1.


Is this was iclound is for? Do i not have to physcaially have my music on my laptop to manage itunes and access it?


Question 2.  If i get a new album or film etc.. can i drop this into my NAS storage an not my ma storeage?


Are there good NAS drives the best to use?


I will eventually purchase a

Naim Nait 5i

   with a pair of Totem Arrows.The quesrtion is then I just want to sit down in a comofy chair with a glass of wine and wip my ipad/macbook out then have my whole music library to choose from then push and play (AIrplay,, or squeezebox) to have my msuic coming through my speakers and then i can web browse at my leasure.Anyone got any suggestions?


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