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Network music luddite

Hi. As part of my listening room ongoing decoration I am looking to reduce the visible storage needed for my CD collection. Much of this has already been ripped to iTunes in either apple lossless or 320 mp3. I am thinking or purchasing either a Cambridge Audio sonata NP30 or a Denon DNP 720 along with a Nas drive such as this  http://www.dabs.com/products/seagate-3tb-central-network-attached-storage-nas-8MXZ.html?src=3


Would either of these systems allow me to stream music and how would they connect to each other and to the internet?

Thanks for any advice.

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RE: Network music luddite

Each of the players will connect to your router either via wi-fi or a wired connection.  The NAS will also connect to your router (generally wired).  Each player will have an 'app' you can download to your phone or PC in order set it up.  From there you'll be able to set access to internet radio and also 'point' it to your music library on the NAS

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RE: Network music luddite

I am thinking of going down this route as my cd collection has exceeded my iPod capacity. In my innocence, I thought I could plug a NAS or uPnP compatible hard drive into the back of a Pioneer N-30. Can any of you clever chaps tell me if this will work?

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RE: Network music luddite

A Hard Drive will not work, only a USB 'mass storage device' that's to say a memory stick. But if your NAS is connected to the router you will be able to read the files once connected to your network.

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