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Help! Is NAIM ND5 XS the right choice?

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RE: Help! Is NAIM ND5 XS the right choice?

Harry, does your Primare amp have the ability to separate the Pre and power amp sections?

If so, consider the Naim Nac 172XS Pre streamer feeding into the power amp of the Primare.  Its cheaper than the ND5XS and although i havent listened to it, im sure it will run it close.  FWIW, the Naim streaming system with N stream is very stable and robust.  My NDX is fantastic and has transformed the way I listen to music.


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RE: Help! Is NAIM ND5 XS the right choice?

I don't understand, how can Naim do a Uniti for just over 1k with built in amps, but the cheapest dedicated streamer is over 2k???

I really fancy a Naim streamer but I can't stretch to 2k.

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RE: Help! Is NAIM ND5 XS the right choice?

Kev, I was looking at a used Uniti a while back with the same idea - using it as a source only. In the end I was feeling relatively skint and bought the SBT - and jolly good it is too!. I think there are a few streaming devices intended as all in ones but which could do duty this way.

I believe that to some extent as new technologies, streamers don't yet have very coherent hierarchies of price and performance. Whereas with mature technologies like CD players they do.  Just my thoughts. 


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RE: Hi Harry,As already

jjbomber wrote:

The ND5 XS is superior and will win easily with, say, a NAC252 and NAP 300.

It will win easily into a Supernait 2 - I know, that's what I'm using! No need to go as high as 252 etc.

Simple choice based on available funds. If I were the OP I'd go for the Uniti 2 having sold the rest as this will be a significant improvement over the Unitilite and a complete integrated system


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