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Denon DNP720ae - problem with FM antenna connection

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Hello folks - newbie here, with a problem of course!  We recently redecorated, which required me to dismantle all my kit.  When unplugging the FM coaxial cable, it felt a little stiff, but (unwisely) I persevered.  As I removed the plug, it also pulled out the centre connector from the socket in the unit.  I have opened up the Denon, and there is a tuner unit with integral FM and Am antenna connectors at one end.  I contacted Denon, who referred me to their spares people, Charles Hyde, who offered to sell me a new tuner unit for £75.  Obviously there is no fault with the tuner - it is just the socket that is damaged.  Charles Hyde tell me the socket can not be replaced on its own, but I am sure it must be possible.  But I am not so sure about how to proceed.  Any advice would be welcome. 


John Gray