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Should I upgrade my headphones to get full bebnefit of the Sony f886 walkman





I have just bought the Sony f886 walkman and am using it with an audio technica ATH-ES55  and an AKG K451 (among others) .

My question - do I need to upgrade my headphones to get the full benefit of this hi-res audio walkman?  If I do, what should I be considering?

As a lot of headphones can be bought at discount,  the sky is the limit in terms of suggestions.


Thanks in advance !

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They are both good headphones

They are both good headphones, but it all depends on what music you like, where you use them and how much you want to spend. The more you spend (Beats excepted) the higher quality you will get as a rule of thumb. If you have gone high res then maybe it is worth an investment in some new ones.



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