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MP3 player screen displays

Just come back from holiday and experienced a problem with my mp3 player that I wasn't expecting. I was in the med. in bright sunlight, wearing sunglasses and just couldn't see the display at all on the player. Take the sungasses off, put player in my hat to get a bit of shade around it and could just make out the display so I could find the albums I wanted to listen to. Bit of a pain having to do that all the time though. Are there any mp3 players available where screen contrast / brightness can be adjusted?


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RE: MP3 player screen displays

I thought that almost all MP3 players have adjustable brightness.  All the Creative and Sony ones I've owned have.

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RE: MP3 player screen displays

Are your sunglasses polarized? This may give you problems viewing LCD screens.

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RE: MP3 player screen displays

Which mp3 player you have? (model)

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