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I recently discovered FLAC as a lossless compression. I noticed it is forseen in surround receivers. I discovered an option in iTunes that says Apple lossless...
Are both compatible and useable in the receivers when put on a medium ?



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RE: lossless

No FLAC and Apple Lossless (or ALAC) are two different compression methods - there are programs which will allow you to convert from Apple Lossless to FLAC (and vice versa), but if you're ripping and need FLAC, then you'd be better off using a different tool to do this rather than iTunes so you can rip direct to FLAC (e.g. dbpoweramp).


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RE: lossless

and some recivers will only play sertain formats. but there are a numper of media players that will play most formats.


but it does really depend what you have (hardware) as to what you do.


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