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Headphones for noise isolation on aircraft

Hi, I travel a lot and have been through many earphones and headphones.  I need comfort and isolation from the ambient noise plus decent performance.  I have a pair of Shure 215, which isolate well but I cannot get used to the unusual fitting position.  I have Sennheiser PX 350, with active noise cancelling that is really no better than well fitting earbuds. I would prefer headphones as they are more comfortable for me over a long journey, but I need to find a pair that isolate me from the outside, plus do not leak sound to annoy fellow passengers.  Am I after the impossible? I have considered Bose Quietcomforts, but is that my only option?

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RE: Headphones for noise isolation on aircraft

My brother travels a lot, and I have heard his Bose QC 15, which I really enjoyed and imo worked well.....he uses them connected to an iPad.

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RE: Headphones for noise isolation on aircraft

NJB wrote:

 I have considered Bose Quietcomforts, but is that my only option?


I also use the Bose QCs and find them the best. Incidently, if you fly Business Class with Qatar airways they supple you with Bose noise-cancelliong headphones, branded with the Qatar logo and plug. Just remember to give them back at the end.

I had new ear cushions fitted 2 weeks ago in Dubai at the Bose shop in Dubai Mall. They take the headphones and leads apart and give them a fantastic cleaning, as well as the carry case. The whole headphones came out as new. Brilliant service and only £25 for a pair of ear pads, cheaper than the UK.

So it's not your only option but it is probably your best. 

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RE: Headphones for noise isolation on aircraft

Can you get some custom moulded earbuds for your Shures. I don't know the model you are using but my Shure SCL4s were way better than my Sennheiser PXxxx noise cancelling phones at isolating cabin and engine noise. they also sounded miles better. The cables eventually frayed through so I have replaced them with 425s which seem to sound better but a re a little less comfortable. At some stage I will get custom earbuds made for them. Big  headphones look cooler but they are bulky to carry around and get in the way when you are resting your head on anything. 

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RE: Headphones for noise isolation on aircraft

I've owned a Bose QC2 since 2005 until the battery leaked in 2012 (my fault for leaving it in the headphone without using it). Bose then sent me a QC15 for £120 as a replacement. I would highly recommend it.

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