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Arcam rCube or Zeppelin Air

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Arcam rCube best iPod dock Went out last week to buy the Zeppelin air but was advised the Zeppelin needs a very good signal to work without breaking down rCube is very good though and work through the rWand is very good Only new to the forum guys don't be to hard Smile Liam

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Hello and welcome to the Forums!

We are planning a Grouo Test of @£400-£500 iPod docks - including the Arcam & B&W plus some new rivals (some of which we can't even mention yet - in an issue very soon..

In the meantime, keep auditioning


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Thank you Clare for the information.

I bought the past 4 issues and found them all very useful.

Now I am pretty much decided upon rCube with rWand. My wireless router is not great and my iPod has trouble going online from some rooms, I imagine streaming music to a Zeppelin would not work well at all.

For these one-box solutions I would imagine ripping CDs at iTunes Plus quality is sufficient, I doubt any increase in bit rate would be noticeable.

Think I will wait to read the group test before making my purchase as I'm intrigued to see what's new! It's about time there was some information on Simple Audio, even though I'm not particularly bothered by multi-room it does sound interesting.