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Suggested Apps For Android

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Another thread got me thinking 'What are the best Apps on Android? And am I missing out?


So here are my suggestions? What are yours?


TunesWiki (free) - auto lyrics, and the map of the world showing where people are listening to same song

2Player - allows u to pull music from any dlna source (eg Nas) and push to another dlna device (eg AVR or TV) 

Winamp - music player

TCPMP - (unofficial) -updated touch version of the mobile player that plays virtually any video format.

PSX4Droid - PS1 emulator

TwonkyServer (free) - dlna server



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Re: Suggested Apps For Android

You just knew I'd crop up here 

I do like my Sky + app (if you have Sky that is). I play the guitar so Ultimate Guitar tabs app is useful too. Poweramp was the best music player I could find, although it doesn't have the wi-fi sync of Winamp. Beautiful Widgets adds some nice touches too.

See, I do like it... 


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Re: Suggested Apps For Android

Angry Birds



Astro File Manager


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Re: Suggested Apps For Android

Opera Mini

Advanced Task Killer



Remote For iTunes


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