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Erratic LEDs on Fatman iTube iPod Dock

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Hello, For my own curiosity I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing similar issues to mine. I absolutely love my Fatman iTube Valve amp and dock, but suddenly the two LEDs on the iPod dock are misbehaving. At times the power LED will turn itself off for no reason, despite the dock still being on and transmitting audio to the amp. Also, the remote control input LED doesn't light when it receives input from the remote, and still sometimes it will flicker on/off as well. I'm using the dock with a current generation 80g iPod Classic, but the same behavior occurs on my 2nd gen Nano and even my older iPod mini. Additionally for no reason at all sometimes my iPod will just pause for no reason. Perhaps it's a power issue, I'm using the standard adapter the dock ships with, on a surge protection strip. I'm not entirely sure what the problem could be. In any case, except for occasionally pausing a track, the lights don't impact the listening experience, but I wonder if I have a defective dock or if the product just does that on its own.