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Apple i-Touch - WiFi - Airport Express

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Team, any comments as to whether the following would work: 1. Apple i-Touch sends on-board mp3s via WiFi - Airport Express to amplifier? 2. Apple i-Touch sends mp3s from network hard drive via WiFi - Airport Express to amplifier? 3. Apple i-Touch sends internet radio via WiFi - Airport Express to amplifier? Basically, am wondering whether the Apple i-Touch can be used as a source / controller over WiFi.


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Re: Apple i-Touch - WiFi - Airport Express

I'm pretty sure you can't send music from your iPod Touch to your amp through the Aiport Express. The Airport works with iTunes (installed on your PC or Mac) so can't see how the iPod could do this as there's no option within there to send to the Airport. Whether this is updated in a future firmware update on the Touch is another matter.