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RD-865 - I think the time has come

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Thinking ahead to the spring clean, and I've realised that whilst I've dusted my beloved Rotel tape deck every week for the last few years, I've not actually switched it on.

I chucked out my recorded tapes years ago, and whilst I've got some new TDK SAX-90's *somewhere* just in case, I can't actually see it getting used any time soon, if at all. Thinking about it, when did WhatHiFi stop including cassette tape in the awards section?

The only possible use I can think of is if I want to get my lad to try the BBC Micro that's also in the loft, when it could be used to play the Asteroids tape.

Nope, can't see it being used any more. I think the time has come to get the box down from the loft, wrap it up securely and take it to its final resting place.

Though of course my rack will then have a gap in it.

Which will look odd.

So, maybe not just yet.


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