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Fondest Memory of new Technology

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Re: Fondest Memory of new Technology
Dad bringing home a Sony C5UB Betamax video - our first video - and watching a wonky copy of E.T. .

Almost snap! My Dad won a VHS player, and we had to venture to the local estate to rent the tapes (first of which was a copy of E.T, before its cinema release) from a distinctly dodgy character.

His earlier win of a Soda Stream was also eventful - lots of youthful getting 'busy with the fizzy' Big Smile



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Re: Fondest Memory of new Technology

Lightsabers...............................A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away......................Cool

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Re: Fondest Memory of new Technology

Big Trak!



That reminds me. When I was a kid, I went hunting for Christmas pressies with my brother. I found a Big Trak under my parent's bed. I was all "Ooooo! Look what Mum & Dad have got me!" to my brother.

Only it wasn't...... It was what they'd got him!

I think that was the year I got my Tamiya 'Wild One' R/C car.


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Re: Fondest Memory of new Technology

Sega Mega Drive


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RE: I remember when...

The Sony CMD-Z5 mobile phone.  I couldn't believe what innovation human beings had become capable of.



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