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RE: Fond memory of TDK cassettes

Still got an AKAI GX65 with the Glass Crystal heads with a I think a 10 year wear warranty at the bottom of my rack that still works fine - I can't bear to get rid of the coup[e of large cases of tapes I have most were edited from a AKAI reel to reel on to varied tape decks mainly AIwa & I think a Pioneer 2030 or similar was my first stereo deck first deck apart from the mono battery Philips EL3302 with a transformer that cost a fortune when I was around 9 or 10 which I then recorded from a treasured Grundig Yacht boy directly as most people then still held a microphone in front of a speaker to record.

I eventually got a decent Rotel tuner when first married & a large roof aerial as I did a bit of aerial rigging in the past & I a year or so ago listened to a few of the compilations I made in the 70’s onward & despite the deficiency of the medium they actually sound in some respects more musical than CD & very much like a record deck which isn't surprising (apart from some print through) as FM radio they were recorded from around the 70's probably were partly from record decks - I liked TDK SA & BASF Chrome, BASF tapes had an extra small nylon guide in the cassette which was supposed to prevent ravelling - I never did get a Nakamichi I always wanted though.

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RE: Fond memory of TDK cassettes

I have a Sony TC 136SD which is a top loading casette deck with big VDUs and I always used TDK SA and still works. I also have Sony Walkman Pro which could record as well as play and still works fine as well. My daughter is playing some of the tapes in her car and is enjoying different bands to the Kaiser Chiefs and the Killers!!

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One of my old school chums

One of my old school chums used to record all of his newly purchased vinyl onto firstly a metal TDK and then onto a chrome TDK cassette. He would then place the album back into it's sleeve and store it away, along with the metal tape recording. He would use the chrome cassette for listening. I wonder if he's still got the vinyl.

I can remember hopping into another old buddy's red XR2 one summer afternoon and speeding off down the road, probably on our way to the pub. As we pulled away, my mate turned on the cassette deck and UB40 came blasting out of the speakers: # If it happens again, I'm leavin' #....hissssssssssssssssssss, clunk! Needless to say, my old mucker never found himself working in the world of editing. I know, I know, you probably had to be there to find it funny.

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Cassettes etc

The_Lhc wrote:

Does anyone still make a decent tape deck, one with USB if poss for ripping to the PC?

Not sure about the USB thing, but as someone who has cases full of treasured cassette tapes, when my trusty tape deck (Hitachi D5500) finally gave up, I scored a Philips DCC tape deck from eBay.
You can usually pick them up from £30 and up.

The great thing about this deck is that as well as playback/recording of the now defunct DCC format, it's party trick is the brilliant playback of analogue compact cassettes which it then delivers as a digital signal at the back.

My old tapes have never sounded better through this beast and anyone who has a collection of cassettes should seriously look at this option IMHO.


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